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Open Source projects

  • GenomeView is an interactive genome browser and annotation editor that can deal with a multitude of sequencing and (comparative) genomics data sets.[1]
  • Java-ML is a collection of machine learning algorithms aimed at software engineers and programmers. It has well documented source code and provides plenty of code samples and tutorials.
  • GitHub repositories GitHub listing with recent software
  • Abeel Java Toolkit (AJT): Toolkit with useful Java classes
  • Abeel Toolkit (ATK): Successor of ATJ, toolkit with useful Java and Scala classes
  • PHP-agenda: Online agenda and calendering tool
  • EPSGraphics: Utility library that provides an easy way to create EPS figures from Java code.
  • GenomeTools: Family of command-line tools to convert between various genomics data formats.

Closed source scientific software

  • EP3: Eukaryote core promoter prediction program[2]
  • ProSom: Eukaryote core promoter prediction program[3]
  • pppBenchmark: Core promoter prediction evaluation program [4]

Random tips & tricks


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