PHP agenda overview

The php-agenda is a small, versatile tool to replace your paper agenda. It has very similar features than a normal paper version, but has some additional advantages because of it's online implementation.

From now on you have your agenda readily available anywere there is a computer with internet access.

The program is written in php and needs MySQL as database. You'll need webhosting with php and MySQL support to install the program yourself.

We are currently testing our deployment for public use. Soon free accounts will be available on our hosting servers.

* Add events on any date using a simple selection script
* Edit and reschedule existing events
* Translated in multiple languages: English, Dutch, Italian, German and Chinese.
* Add weekly events, birthdays and other repeating events with a few simple clicks
* Event reminders via e-mail
* Send a daily reminders to the user with an overview of the day

Roadmap and features to come

This is a list of features that are planned to be implemented in future version. Between brackets is an estimate release number we expect the feature to be ready. When no version is given, we haven't yet decided on the priority of the item.

* Import and export the events in the agenda/other applications. (2.3.0)
* Share events with other users


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