PHP agenda download

All file releases are available from the FRS from Sourceforge.



All file releases are available from the File Release System from Sourceforge.

The versioning system started at 0.1 which is equal to 0.1.0. The version number consists of three parts ... The major number will be increased with each release that requires changes to the database and therefore will require a specific update script to migrate from a release with a lower major number. Minor releases contain additional features compared to the previous minor release. Micro releases finaly fix bugs, layout changes, minor changes that do not add up to a new feature and so on. Minor and micro releases will not require any migration utility and can be installed over the previous version. By simply copying the contents of the zip file of the current release.

Updating the agenda utility from one minor release to the next is simply done by extracting the contents of the new archive over the contents of the old one. Except your configuration file, you will need to keep this one. To avoid regrettable loss, you might want to backup your data before upgrading.

The supplied update scripts will migrate your old data to the new format required by the new version of the PHP agenda tool.