PHP-agenda 2.2.7 released

Release 2.2.7 of PHP-agenda fixes a number of bugs that were introduced recently

  • Umlauts in german translation were broken
  • Repeating event didn't work anymore
  • Adding todo gave error


PHP-agenda 2.2.6 released

Some highlights of this release. The internationalization support has been improved. Languages are better detected, some encoding issues have been cleared and some languages have been added. The agenda is now available in German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Brazilian (Portugese) and Chinese.

An agenda can now be shared as an option that you can set in the config file. This will make all agenda's shared between all users.

The install script was updated to fix a security hole and to make it easier to install on a shared hosting service.


PHP-agenda 2.2.5 released

In this release a number of glitches in the layout have been fixed and the pages should now be easier on the eye. Japanese and Brazilian-Portugese translations have been added. And last but not least, a local file inclusion vulnerability was fixed.


PHP agenda version 2.2.4 released

This releases fixes a bug where hyphens in the databasename would lock the install script.

Furthermore we have updated the Italian translation and we have added a French translation.

PHP agenda version 2.2.3 released

This release fixes some bugs and makes the registration process more configurable.

In this release we have fixed some broken links on the main page. Only links for admins were affected.

We made the layout a bit more compact by moving the logout link to the top, next to the username, we moved the contact link to the footer and we removed the link to register as a new user.

The registration of new users can now be controlled by setting a flag in the config file. This makes is easier for sysadmins to deploy the agenda as a private agenda.

PHP agenda version 2.2.2 released

This is the first release in a rather long time and there are numerous improvements over previous versions of the package. The main feature of this release is the added Guest access which allows users that are not member to view the agenda.
The full list of improvements includes:
- implemented guest access to the agenda
- added a link to return to the day overview
- fixed a bug that makes you log-out after the session expires
- the months in the month overview now center around the current date
- all dates that are displayed are now links to that date

PHP agenda overview

The php-agenda is a small, versatile tool to replace your paper agenda. It has very similar features than a normal paper version, but has some additional advantages because of it's online implementation.

From now on you have your agenda readily available anywere there is a computer with internet access.

The program is written in php and needs MySQL as database. You'll need webhosting with php and MySQL support to install the program yourself.

We are currently testing our deployment for public use. Soon free accounts will be available on our hosting servers.

PHP agenda download

All file releases are available from the FRS from Sourceforge.



All file releases are available from the File Release System from Sourceforge.